Get a fixed IP on the Internet

As in most cases the external ip that gives us our adsl operator is a dynamic ip (can change whenever our router is connected / disconnected from the Internet), we will use a subdomain to redirect all times to the dynamic ip that we have.

We will use the free DynDNS service:

1. We have to click on “Sign Up Free” and choose “DynDNS Free”, choose a direction for the server and select “Host with IP address” introduce the ip we have at this time on the internet that will be putting on “Your current location’s IP address is “and select the services that will be using our server.

2. Once they have given the subdomain to us, we have to install the package “ddclient”, to do that we write the following code:

sudo apt-get install ddclient

3. Once installed, edit the configuration file typing:

sudo nano /etc/ddclient.conf

And the screen that we have to get:

## ddclient configuration file

daemon=30 # check every 600 seconds

syslog=yes # log update msgs to syslog

mail-failure=**tu e-mail** # Mail failed updates to user

pid=/var/run/ # record PID in file.

## Detect IP with our CheckIP server

use=web,, web-skip=’IP Address’

## DynDNS username and password here

login=**your dyndns user name**

password=**your password**

## Default options


## Dynamic DNS hosts

**your subdomine**

Once we have edited it, we could access the server from an external computer to our local network, over the Internet. (The subdomain may take up to one hour to get activated).

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