Installing Ubuntu server

The operating system that we are going to use is Ubuntu Server, we can get it for free at:

Once downloaded and burned into a CD we proceed to the installation on the desired device (Remember that we have to have the BIOS of the system configured to boot from the CD).

1. We will choose “Install Ubuntu Server”, the language, the name that we want to give to the server and time zone,

2. When you reach the disk partitioning we have to choose the option

“Guided – use entire disk” (this will erase all the data that we had on the disk).

3. When it has finished doing the partitions it will request the main data of the user that we want to create.

4. We choose the packages that we want to install. TO SELECT THE PACKAGER WE HAVE TO PRESS THE SPACEBAR, in my case I have selected “LAMP Server” (includes web server, ftp, MySQL y php), “OpenSSH server” (It will allow us to remotely access to the server console) and “Samba File Server” (With it we can share folders on our local network) once we have selected the packages we want, we press ENTER to continue.

5. We set a password for the MySQL server and if all went well once the installation finished we take off the CD and we reboot the server.

Linux server has no GUI (It could be installed separately but it isn’t recommended) so we will get a black screen with white letters It will ask us to login with the user that we have created during installation.

Once we have logged into the system I recommend set a root password to do it we have to write sudo passwd root and we write the password that we want.

The root user has all privileges of the system so it is very comfortable to login with it if we are going to install programs, create folders, files etc.

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