Configuring MySQL and phpmyadmin

Now we can test if the Apache web server works well, to do it we have to introduce in the browser of another computer on our network the server IP, and if all goes well we will see the message “It works!” on the screen. If not we have to review the steps above.

To configure MySQL have enter the following code:

sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf (To edit the MySQL configuration file)

We’ll have to edit where it says:

bind-address =

And change it to the IP of our server within the local network (in my case, to save press F2 and Enter.

Now we have to install phpmyadmin checking the option apache2 to do it we have to introduce this code:

sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

When finished acederemos to phpmyadmin from other computer within the local network by typing:


The username is root and the password is the one that we have set to the database administrator during installation. When we have logged in go into privileges and delete users “anyone”, because if we do not do it, anyone can see the databases.

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