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Read Data from SD with Arduino (MicroSD module and Ethernet Shield)

In this new post I will show you a simple Arduino code to read data from a txt file that is on an SD card.

Leer archivo de SD

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Write data on a SD card with Arduino (MicroSD module and Ethernet Shield)

Today I have been testing a module for Arduino that I had bought on Ebay and I also tried the Micro SD reader located in Arduino’s Ethernet Shield. To do this I made a simple code that writes every 5s the value of a potentiometer connected to the Arduino board in a file called “VALORPOT.TXT” (If this file doesn’t exist It is created and if It already exist the data is added after the existing one).

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Arduino and the module Tiny RTC I2C

Hello. Recently I’ve bought at Dealextreme the Tiny RTC I2C module for Arduino. Once it’s configured and launched, it allows us to know the current time and day. This module consists of a DS1307 clock , an EEPROM 24C32AN memory and a holder for CR2032 lithium battery.

Tiny RTC I2C

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UDOO: Raspberry Pi and Arduino in one development board Kickstarter Project

Looking for Kickstarter projects I found a very interesting one, It’s a development board that combines characteristics of Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

As they say in its project page the UDOO board has the power of 4 Raspberry Pi and can run both Linux or Android or be programmed as an Arduino board.

The board mounts an ARM Cortex-A9 processor which can be two or four cores and also includes an Atmel ARM SAM3X8E for Arduino functions.

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